About Me

              For the longest time I have been interested in writing a fashion blog, and I have finally made a first attempt here! I have a background, although brief, in fashion. I went to school for fashion merchandising and design as well as working full time as a visual merchandiser for Zara, with intent to move to New York, LA or Miami after school. Fate had a different plan for me and I fell in love with an engineer whom I followed to New Hampshire and Maine, where the fashion industry is non existent. We went on to get married and started a family, needless to say the glamour and rush of the industry is now out of my reach unless I utilize the inter webs! SO here I am. I write about current fashion, clothing and construction, and post outfits that I wear or make on a regular basis.

I like to think of myself as down to earth and pride myself on posting photos of REAL outfits that I actually wear in public. Not just for photos... I also would like for everyone to know that the things I discuss here are all my own opinion and not influenced by sponsors.  A couple of my posts do include affiliate links, but I only show links for things I would actually buy that are affordable and good quality.  I am always open for comments or constructive criticism to improve your reading experience.
                                                              Please enjoy!!

*** This blog is engaged in affiliate marketing through a third-party service (ShopStyle) but  ShopStyle does not intentionally obtain or store personally identifiable information about readers at any time.

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