Monday, May 22, 2017

What I Wore; Strapless Striped Off-the-Shoulder Milly Top

     On Friday, in the middle of packing and moving, the husband and I went out for a date night to take a mini break from the craziness and stress. We went to see the new Guardians of the Galaxy movie, it was so good! Before that we enjoyed margaritas and some really delicious Mexican food. I brought this beautiful (big) Zac Posen purse so I could sneak candy in the theater, otherwise I would probably have done a small black bag.
     We are now all moved out of our old place, but the new townhouse is a total mess. There are things everywhere! No exaggeration. I have to get to work, wish me luck!

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Friday, May 12, 2017

Adding Color and Office Inspo

       Nothing else knocks you back into reality after vacation like a big change. We got back a couple of days ago and also two days ago decided we should move. Because why not? It's not a far or drastic move, about 200 feet away into our apartment complex's new townhouses. The two bedroom we have been renting since we were here in Virginia is starting to get a bit cramped with all our new toys. Currently, my office is our dining room table and we have two bicycles in the entry way which we fight every time we need to enter our own home. Our daughter keeps getting spoiled by everyone we know and her things keep piling up in every corner of our apartment (people tell me its normal).
         So, although this new place won't be much bigger, it does have a third bedroom which we plan on making an office with all my sewing things. That way it's not all out in the open in the dining area. It also offers a garage and private driveway, which we can store bicycles and all our extra crap. The big bonus though is that there is grass and a bit of yard, so our kid can have SOME of her CT house feels, which she tells me she misses all the time. So, this brings me to the reason for this post! Home decor and office inspo.. A move always signifies a fresh start for me, and I would really like to add some color to our home.

                Clearly, my style is kind of all over the place and very high end. I have never lived on my own and never truly got a chance to decorate in a feminine style, so this is a basic wishlist of things I like. I know many of these items can be found for less... but aren't they so pretty to look at? Wish us luck!

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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

What I Wore: St.Lucia Sunset Cruise


I absolutely LOVED wearing this dress! It was perfect for this sunset cruise on a catamaran sailboat. It fit beautifully and has a gorgeous back. 

St.Lucia Travel Post

   Although it pains me to say it, I am back from St.Lucia. It was so amazing, we honestly did not want to come back and had it not been for work and our daughter being back in CT, we probably wouldn't! Seriously, we started looking at other rentals online and even at what it costs to buy there. If you are thinking of visiting this island, don't think just DO. We stayed at Villa Piton (from VRBO) which we quickly found out everyone confuses with Villa de Piton and any other house with that name variation. An awesome hair stylist at Ladera, Yvonne, informed me all you have to say is Jon DiPol's old house. He is the architect who designed the famous Ladera resort on the Island. It was his home in St.Lucia when he was living, sadly I found out he passed away a few years back. The home has no address, but it is worth it to trek through the crazy winding nature trail road to find this gem.
st. lucia rental home

We rented a car after I did some research and found out a single ride from the airport to here costs near $85 US. It was very useful since nothing is within walking distance. It was super fun, too as long as you are careful and don't drive like a maniac. We payed about $340 and split the van cost with eight people so it was very affordable. The house was phenomenal! Very clean, comfortable and we all felt safe. The house came with a housekeeper and cook, as well as a grounds keeper which came every morning to clean the pool and make sure everything was ok.  The best part... views are a perfect 10 out of 10! 

luxury vacation rental
the view from our master bedroom

from the living room

white sand beach st.lucia
Sugar Beach at Viceroy

Sugar Beach is a great location to spend a beach day. They have imported white soft sand, a restaurant, strong delicious drinks and a great atmosphere. You can rent snorkel equipment as well as other water sports necessities. Although, bring a towel, the chairs are $50 US to rent. For us, it wasn't worth it since we were only there for a couple of hours, but maybe if you plan to spend the entire day there it could be beneficial. 
the view from our sunset Catamaran cruise with Mystic Man Tours
marissa webb gingham dress

I would highly recommend the Mystic Man Tours sunset cruise as well, we had unbelievable views and a gorgeous sunset with a knowledgeable sailor. Aside from Sugar Beach and this sunset cruise I would suggest heading to Ladera for dinner and live music. They had excellent food and the best Mahi Mahi I've ever had. If we had more time, we would have loved to check out the local nightlife in Soufriere and head up to Rodney Bay. 
Overall, we are already planning another trip here. I can not tell you enough of this Islands beauty and peoples friendliness, it was a true pleasure to experience even if only for three days. I had the time of my life!

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Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Time to Shop for Destination Weddings and Honeymoons!

  With the trips to St. Lucia and St.Martin coming up I am searching online for outfit ideas as well as shopping for new items. The trip we have in May to St.Lucia is for my best friends wedding and I am enjoying helping her find some new items to pack for the trip and her honeymoon. She gave me the idea to make a post about it and I figured why not? There are probably others heading out on vaca AND its wedding season so brides may be shopping for their destination weddings and/or honeymoons as well!

  Let's start with the travel outfit! Whether you like to be comfortable or go all out when you travel, you should feel beautiful and special traveling to your wedding destination or to your honeymoon. I am definitely one of those people that is always cold, so no matter how warm it is outside I always bring some sort of light jacket to fly with and can never do shorts or dresses so Included pretty sweaters. However, if you are not like me, the summer dresses and florals are perfect for you!

        Your next look will probably be a rehearsal outfit. In our case, the bride has chosen to do a casual sunset catamaran sail with finger foods as the rehearsal dinner, which I LOVE. This one has proven to be a bit more difficult since a dress probably isn't the best option unless you are really comfortable flashing your goods to everyone once in a while with a good wind. These looks can also work for heading out at night for drinks or exploring the island and shopping.

          She also asked for help finding cute island worthy shoes, cover-ups and swimwear since they are also honeymooning in the Caribbean.

         Also, ever since I have joined Etsy as a seller, I have noticed there are very cute swimsuits on there handmade by talented people that can also be custom made to your measurements. One of my favorites that is affordable and has great reviews is this one by seller Jkinis.
Reversible Scrunch Front Bikini Top With Braided Back- Marble- MADE TO ORDER // Black // White // Gift for her // Macrame Reversible 2-strap Triangle Bikini Top- Mermaid- MADE TO ORDER- Swimwear // Swimsuit // Gift For Her // Bralette // Black // Scales // Boho   High Hip Reversible Bikini Bottoms- MADE TO ORDER // Snake Skin // Gift for her // Swimwear // Cheeky // Sexy // Boho //

She does a lot of reversible suits and scrunch butt bikini bottoms.

   And finally some shoes!!

                                                                Thanks for reading!! 

Tuesday, March 28, 2017

New on Etsy and Travel Update

  Hey guys! Just wanted to share this cute new romper that is now on my Etsy shop.


  I have been feeling really inspired by a few exciting trips coming up. We are heading to St.Lucia in May for my best friends wedding and St. Martin in June as well as Poland in July, so for the most part I am thinking tropical. I really loved this fabric and am considering doing just shorts or maybe a skirt in it. I also noticed most views on my shop are people looking for swimwear, so a lot more of that coming soon too. St. Lucia and St. Martin will be great locations for shooting the items and I am so extremely excited to see my best friend get married in paradise and just have fun and travel! If you would like to follow along or want updates on new Etsy items, you can follow me on instagram

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Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Swimwear Added to Etsy Shop

    I've started adding swimwear to my items on Etsy! I'm very excited about this because I was never taught how to do swimwear professionally. This is a personal achievement that I am pretty proud of, especially because they are coming out great! I am personally in love with the tribal print swim fabric I bought most recently and I am considering buying a few more yards if sales go well. In the near future a few one pieces will be available in the tribal, the gold, and the gingham fabric. The tribal print pieces are reversible, with one side being extreme colors and including gold foil, the reverse is toned down blues with tan camel color and brown. To date, these are the swimwear pieces I have designed and constructed on my own. Again, I am pretty proud of these items and just wanted to share them with everyone! I'm going to keep rolling these babies out until our trips to the Caribbean so I can do some serious photo shoots with them. You check them out in more detail at this etsy link (click here).

Thanks for reading!!