Tuesday, February 28, 2017

Swimwear Added to Etsy Shop

    I've started adding swimwear to my items on Etsy! I'm very excited about this because I was never taught how to do swimwear professionally. This is a personal achievement that I am pretty proud of, especially because they are coming out great! I am personally in love with the tribal print swim fabric I bought most recently and I am considering buying a few more yards if sales go well. In the near future a few one pieces will be available in the tribal, the gold, and the gingham fabric. The tribal print pieces are reversible, with one side being extreme colors and including gold foil, the reverse is toned down blues with tan camel color and brown. To date, these are the swimwear pieces I have designed and constructed on my own. Again, I am pretty proud of these items and just wanted to share them with everyone! I'm going to keep rolling these babies out until our trips to the Caribbean so I can do some serious photo shoots with them. You check them out in more detail at this etsy link (click here).

Thanks for reading!! 


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