Friday, May 12, 2017

Adding Color and Office Inspo

       Nothing else knocks you back into reality after vacation like a big change. We got back a couple of days ago and also two days ago decided we should move. Because why not? It's not a far or drastic move, about 200 feet away into our apartment complex's new townhouses. The two bedroom we have been renting since we were here in Virginia is starting to get a bit cramped with all our new toys. Currently, my office is our dining room table and we have two bicycles in the entry way which we fight every time we need to enter our own home. Our daughter keeps getting spoiled by everyone we know and her things keep piling up in every corner of our apartment (people tell me its normal).
         So, although this new place won't be much bigger, it does have a third bedroom which we plan on making an office with all my sewing things. That way it's not all out in the open in the dining area. It also offers a garage and private driveway, which we can store bicycles and all our extra crap. The big bonus though is that there is grass and a bit of yard, so our kid can have SOME of her CT house feels, which she tells me she misses all the time. So, this brings me to the reason for this post! Home decor and office inspo.. A move always signifies a fresh start for me, and I would really like to add some color to our home.

                Clearly, my style is kind of all over the place and very high end. I have never lived on my own and never truly got a chance to decorate in a feminine style, so this is a basic wishlist of things I like. I know many of these items can be found for less... but aren't they so pretty to look at? Wish us luck!

                                                                                               Thanks for reading!

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