Monday, June 26, 2017

Travel With Kids- Tips, Advice, and Breaking the Fear

        Most new parents or friends without kids I talk to have this fear or suspicion that flying with their babies, toddlers or kids will be terrible. So many of them just choose not to travel because they hear horror stories or because of their own perceptions of what it will be like. Because of this so many people, adults and kids, miss out on travel and memories with their families! I think as long as you have the monetary means to travel, you shouldn't let the thought of stress or crying babies stop you. We have been traveling with our daughter since she was six months old and except for one time when she got airsick her first time on a plane, it has been nothing but pleasant. You do, of course, have to understand things may be a bit different and possibly a bit more to carry, but if you go in knowing that you should be fine. I do have a few suggestions or tips.

  • If budget allows, do purchase a seat for your child, even if they are a baby or under 2. Trust me on this one, if you don't you will probably regret it. All the families I see traveling who have their child on their lap look stressed out. If it's not possible to get them a seat, try to find an airline that has the bassinet seats available. A few airlines now have the very front extra space seats with fold down bassinets for babies. 
  • Purchase over night flights! THIS is key! 
  • Purchase a cheap umbrella stroller(Walmart for $20), you can use these throughout the airport and drive your little one right up to the plane entrance, fold it down and check it at the gate. This saves you having to hold your kid the whole time. If they are too little for umbrella strollers, wear them with a baby carrier. 
  • If you do purchase a seat for them, bring on your car seat for them to sit/sleep in. Just make sure it follows airline guidelines. Our car seat has a pull and you can recline it. Our daughter sleeps through 90% of flights she is on because of this, the longest flight she has been on was about 10 hours.
  • Call ahead and order a child friendly meal if your flight offers in flight meals. This saves you having to pack food and snacks especially for your little one. 
  • Throw out the rules for electronics( iPad, leap pads, phones etc). Although some parents do restricts screen time, this would be an exception if your little one doesn't want to sleep. Plus, it's a vacation! Let loose.. 
  • Dramamine .. nuff said. Give it to them an hour before the flight, if possible. 
  • Don't over pack a bunch of toys and blankets and stuff. Guaranteed it will only be more to carry and is not necessary. 
  • Although airports are strict with liquid and such in carry-ons, they are far more lenient with liquids and powders for babies. Make sure to tell them BEFORE it goes through the x-ray belt. They will allow formula, milk, or jarred baby food as long as you claim that you have it before hand. Same goes for any liquid medication for babies. 
  • You can check as much baby gear as you need, free of charge. Car seats, strollers, pack-n-plays can all get checked without additional fees. As long as you are not worried about them breaking it, check it, check, check it!
  • Don't worry about what people think if your kid cries. Most of us understand. Many of us have been there. If they don't like it, screw em! 
        I hope this helps even a little bit anyone who is thinking about traveling with their kiddos! Have fun! 

                                                                           Thanks for reading!

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